I am an acrylic painter with a passion for creative placemaking that evokes feelings.

I visualize layering paint in a way that will evoke emotion through the use of color or lack thereof. My goal is to challenge and spark internal controversy for viewers of my work, to embrace what I was living and feeling at the time of creation. Whether that be through a multitude of light/darkness in the depth of my work, or the delicate sunflower - if feelings are ignited when you view my paintings, I want you to remember that and use it to empower and question yourself.


J VanDeWalle Art LLC
Create a variety of inspired pieces through use of color or lack thereof

Happy Valley
Vice President of Wholesale
Design, Collaborate, and Manage Cannabis Portfolio

Project Manager, Architecture & Design
2017 -2018

The Art Institutes
Adjunct Professor
Commercial Design Studio I + II- Winter Qtr 3D Basics- Spring

Caruso Design Group
Interior Designer
International and domestic hospitality design


2023 The Liberty Hotel - Boston, MA Solo Exhibition

2023 The Broccoli Gallery - Sharon, MA
Group Exhibition, Chop It Up